Magento 2 system requirements for the installation

Especially in Magento 2, we see the new requirement that is Composer which isn’t seen in Magento 1.x, with the appearance of composer, Magento 2 will run faster, more productivity and easier to manage files and folders. 

Magento 2 system requirements

With the web server, Nginx is the requirement that Magento 2 need to run on, we also need to turn on the rewrite mode in Apache servers. This activity will help Magento 2 con rewrite the URL for your web store.
1. Oracle MySQL database, with this up-to-date technology, your Magento store will have a clear and easy to manage the database.  My SQL – Magento 2 system requirements
 2. With PHP7, Magento 2 require these PHP extensions on the server:

  • bc-math
  • curl
  • gd, ImageMagick 6.3.7 intl
  • SimpleXML
  • soap
  • xml
  • xsl
  • zipmbstring
  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • mhash
  • openssl

3. New Magento 2 requirement is PHP OPcache, this is the main technology explain why Magento 2 Hosting can have a better performance in comparison with Magento 1.x. You should turn on this choice to help your store run 20% faster.

Besides PHPcache, Magento 2 require other technologies that allow it to run caching on Magento 2 web store such as Redis, Vanish, mem-cached.

5. With security requirement of Magento 2, we need SSL certification for Magento 2 store.

6. It’s necessary to protect your customers account with their payment information which is can’t be leaked! For your email system, to help your store can send promotional email as well as successful checkout notification … you need to have Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) or an SMTP server

Above are the requirement of Magento 2, before installing Magento 2 on your server, it’s very necessary to check if it meets all of the functions that Magento 2.0 requires.

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